Linton Tweeds X Bronté Amsterdam

Linton Tweeds is not only the official fabric supplier for Chanel but also supplies the fabric for our beautiful Bronté caps. Get to know Bronté's unique Linton Tweed caps and learn more about how it all started.

Linton Tweeds' Heritage

Linton Tweeds is home to the world's most innovative fabrics and it all started in 1912 when William Linton started Linton Mill in England. Initially, he bought wool and sold woollen suit lengths until he got introduced to a young lady named Coco Chanel. This began a collaboration which has resulted in the house of Chanel being Linton Tweeds' biggest and most prestigious customer. Nowadays, they are the designers and manufacturers of couture fabrics for fashion houses and are regularly seen on catwalks.

Modern Era

Over the 100 plus years that Linton Tweeds has been in business, they have worked with some incredible fashion brands such as Christian Dior, Dries van Noten, Burberry and Valentino. We're very proud that Bronté is one of them and has been for over 10 years. Each season, Bronté creates a limited edition collection of Linton Tweeds caps, bucket hats, boaters and more. Varying from stylish bouclé tweeds to minimal woven fabrics in numerous different shades, and always produced in limited quantities.