Emily In Paris Knows How To Wear A Hat

Bucket Hats, Berets & More

It's been awhile since Netflix released the series 'Emily in Paris', starring Lily Collins in the most vibrant outfits. After landing her dream job in Paris, American marketing executive Emily Cooper finds herself embracing the Parisian lifestyle while juggling work, friends and romance. 

Love or hate her style, but Emily in Paris' outfits are all that's been talked about. And it wasn't the selection of handbags or shoes that stole the spotlights, but her hat wear. They have been the eye-catchers from her looks and collectively rose in popularity since the release of the show.

Throughout the series, Emily appears in several brightly coloured berets, bucket hats or printed newsboy caps. Whether it's pink, red or blue, Emily picks one shade and styles her entire outfit around it. In honour of her love for hats, we've rounded up some of our favorite styles so you can add a pièce de résistance to your wardrobe as well.


Maybe @EmilyInParis is a real influencer after all?