Queen Máxima of The Netherlands in Bronté

At Bronté, we've had the pleasure of seeing our designs on many inspiring women across the world. However, one of our highlights is seeing Queen Máxima of the Netherlands in a Bronté hat. Máxima has been making stylish appearances around the world wearing the Veronique fedora hat Aliyah turban from Bronté.

The Aliyah turban is a luxurious style, crafted from rich cotton velvet. It is perfect for a night out in the city and will keep your head warm while making a style statement. The elastane in the fabric makes this turban a one-size-fits-all style and suitable for everyone.

Our other turban styles include the Benthe which is gathered in the front opposed to the Aliyah turban. The Benthe comes in various, light Spring/Summer fabrics as well as a richer wool for the wintertime.